Dominika Żurek-Biesiada


I have 6 months of experience in realisation of commercial projects in Java. I have been studying programming for 1.5 years now.

I am determined, goal oriented and very ambitious. I have academic degree in biophysics which gave me solid background for mathematics and physics.

I have additional experience in project management, public speaking, technical writing, and bidding for funding. My goal is to become a professional Java developer.

My latest Java project:

Java web-application for medical doctors. An online tool to calculate correct doses of opioid drugs when switching patient from one drug to another.

Technologies I'm using:

My non-programming experience:

Project carried during my work at mReh Sp. z o.o. company.


coordination of the medical team with the IT section
management of mobiReh product
writing and editing grant proposal applications
writing and editing scientific papers
product development
preparation of desktop application (Java)
preparation of the user interface (Java)
implementation of the event handling (Java)


I received a 50 000 Euro grant (Seal of Excellence) in the SME Instrument H2020 contest
I published a scientific paper on mobiReh product
I released a functional prototype of mobiReh remote rehabilitation system

In my free time

I practice sports
I design and make wooden toys
I learn languages
I play music