Hello, I'm Dominika

I am a biophysicist with a strong passion for programming and new technologies.

I am determined, goal oriented, hard working, efficient, and very ambitious. I never give up. I have additional experience in project management, public speaking, technical writing, and bidding for funding. 

I am currently looking for a job as Junior Java Developer (based in Kraków).


See my latest Java project


Java Projects

10 closest earthquakes (web-app)

Type in the latitude and longitude of a chosen city and get the list of 10 closest earthquakes that took place. Java web application written using #javaee framework.

Paint (Desktop)

Paint application created in #java using #swing, #dialogs, #GUI, #actionListeners, #javaIO, #menubar, and others. The  program allows you to open blank drawing panel of (size set by the user), draw (e.g. lines, shapes (as rectangles or circles)), draw dashed lines, undo, redo these actions, select colours, input text, resize text or brush/line size, open and load external images, save images, clear existing drawing panel or load new drawing  panel  of preferred size.

My Other Experience (non programming)

mobiREH - mobile rehabilitation system

Project carried during my work at mReh Sp. z o.o. company. My responisibilities were: coordination of the medical team with the IT section || management of mobiReh product || writing and editing grant proposal applications || writing and editing scientific papers || product development || problem solving || implementation of the 3D model (showing exercises for patients) into a desktop Java application || preparation of the user interface || implementation of the event handling.

In My Free Time...

I run or ride a bike
I design and create wooden toys (click)
I study languages
I play the guitar and the piano

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