Welcome to my page!

My name is Dominika and I am a biophysicist with strong passion for programming. At mReh company as well as through self-studying I have been strongly working on my Java programming skills. At the company I was responsible for preparation of the desktop application, preparation of the user interface, and implementation of the event handling.

During my PhD studies I was awarded Doctus Scholarship (Regional Scholarship Programme), as well as, Pro-Quality Scholarship (twice) (awarded to 30% top students at the Jagiellonian University). I also received two scholarships that allowed me to visit foreign microscopy laboratories, one in Mainz (2014) and second one in Madrid (2014). During my PhD studies I used techniques of confocal, fluorescence and super-resolution microscopy in order to obtain high quality images of DNA structures (see phd project). I have wide laboratory experience (microscopy, cell culture, mass spectrometry and other molecular biology techniques). I also have experience in scientific data analysis, practice with writing grant applications and bidding for funding, as well as technical writing (scientific papers).

After my PhD I worked in a start-up company mReh Sp. z o.o. and received a 50 000 Euro grant (Seal of Excellence) in the SME Instrument H2020 contest. I worked on development of a remote rehabilitation system for patients mobiReh (see link). Working at the company has taught me a lot in terms of applying for funding, finding investors or working on grant applications. I also gained experience in project development and project management, as well as Java programming.

I have excellent communication skills (I presented my data on various local and international conferences, e.g. CYTO2012 – 1500 contestants). I speak fluently English and Spanish and I would love to incorporate my language skills into my programming job.

I am a problem solver with a very strong will to learn. I love challenges. I never give up. I’m always looking for exciting projects and opportunities to learn and grow my skills.

Personally I live in Kraków, I have two wonderful sons and various interests. In my free time I play the guitar or the piano, practice sports (running, cycling, mountain trekking), learn foreign languages, do some photography (see my photos), as well as design and make wooden toys (see my work).

Dominika Żurek-Biesiada