2020.07. Online calculator to support medical doctors in calculating correct doses of opioid drugs for their patients.

Opioids are drugs commonly used in pain treatment. Patients often need to be switched from one opioid to another due to various reasons (e.g. burdensome, or harmful side effects, getting saturated with the drug etc.). Calculation of proper opioid doses poses many problems among medical specialists.

This online tool is supposed to help medical doctors calculate correct doses of opioid drugs when switching patient from one drug to another.

Application developed under patronage of Polskie Towarzystwo Medycyny Rodzinnej.

Application writen in #java, using #springframework. Deployed to #GoogleAppEngine. Custom domain hosted on #zenbox.

2020.06. Static page written in #html and #css, using #javascript. Page hosted on GitHub.

2020.06. Web application for supporting medical doctors in making medical diagnoses. The user can enter a medical epicrisis and the application analyses the text and shows all possible diagnoses based on the patient’s symptoms.
Project was developed as MVP (minimal value product, i.e. it contains data for only few diseases and their symptoms at this moment, just to show functionality and potential of the application) for applying for Horizon2020 funding, as well as, for further development.
Application deployed to Amazon Web Services.
Technologies used: #java #spring #springsecurity #springdatajpa #hibernate #mysql #beanvalidation #AWS

2020.05. Web-application for writing virtual diary. The user can log in, create/edit/delete notes, add tags and categories, and logout. Application saves the user data and notes in MySQL database hosted on zenbox servers. Tables are related via @OneToMany and @ManyToMany relations. The app is deployed to GoogleAppEngine. Technologies used: #java #springboot #jpa #springsecurity #mysql #thymeleaf #hibernate #beanvalidation

2020.02. Search engine created for Wydawnictwo Interaktywne Medutools Sp. z o.o., where the user can look for a medical product and see which medical doctor can prescribe it, and the other way around, the user can search for a medical doctor and see which products they can prescribe. Application written in #java using #javaee framework. Medical data for this application is stored in a #json format. Application deployed to Google App Engine.

2019.12. Type in the latitude and longitude of a chosen city and get the list of 10 closest earthquakes that took place. Java web application written using #javaee framework. Geodata for this application is taken from a #json format from here. Application deployed to Google App Engine.

Paint (Desktop)

2019.05. This is one of the first applications that I created. Paint application created in #java using #javafx, #swing, #dialog, #GUI, #actionListener, #javaIO, #menubar, and others. The program allows you to open blank drawing panel of (size set by the user), draw (e.g. lines, shapes, as rectangles or circles), draw dashed lines, undo, redo these actions, select colours, input text, resize text or brush/line size, open and load external images, save images, clear existing drawing panel or load new drawing panel of preferred size.